Here it is again...Christmas, and my heart is breaking over and over again.

How would I ever have known or imagined that Christmas

would be this way for us? Our Christmas' used to be wonderful...

full of love and laughter and traditions that we always held so dear,

 our annual huge Christmas party,

friends, family, with all the laughter and wonderful things

Christmas should be.

 But now all I see is happy people,

 shopping and having a good time like we used to...

now I  feel like I am on the outside looking in.

We have no tree, no decorations, no big parties,

nothing is the same at all.

I used to love Christmas and shopping and all the fun,

but when Our Heidi left, everything just seemed to come to a halt.

How could it be happy when a very special person in our life left us?

No one can replace our daughter.

No one could replace her laughter and thoughtfulness.

No one could ever replace our Heidi.

Yet...we still are so thankful for our son Scott.

He has been so loving and an amazing son,

and I know his heart is also broken...he lost a very good friend...

his sister Heidi.

They were always the first ones up on Christmas,

even when they got older...eyes all aglow

with the wonderment of Christmas.

We cant get those wonderful holidays back.

Even though I sometimes pray that they could be a little better

than they have been since Heidi left...

 things don't seem to change at all.

One very important person will always be missing...Heidi.

When she walked into a room you would  have to smile...

she made you smile,  just by looking at her.

She loved Christmas. She loved life.

We loved her with all the love we have.

And this song...even though we have used it for a few years, just says it all.
































Happy New Year to Heidi in Heaven

Heidi always loved fireworks.

Click on the black box to your left of Heidi's picture to Display the fireworks. Click at the top and watch the fireworks rise.

The faster you click the more she gets.


Happy New Year in Heaven Our precious Heidi! We love and miss you so very much! Our Love for For Eternity,

Mom and Daddy











The graphic above was sent to me from a dear friend...Susie. Thanks so much Susie!






















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