For all of the help and gifts from dear friends, I cannot even begin to thank enough!  I came on to the internet not knowing one thing about a computer.  When we first got the computer, Heidi was still with us, and she jumped right on, knowing what she was doing. We were like children in kindergarten, Paul and I. We knew nothing about the computer at all. I didn't learn enough from my Heidi...we didn't have enough time. When Heidi went to heaven, I had the need to create a website for her, then a need to talk to others that have lost children. I joined two groups, and they have been such a big help to me.  The first person who helped me was a dear lady named Julane who put Heidi's first picture on the internet, and created her first pages with me. The first ever picture of Heidi on the internet was on the New Year's Memorial page on angel fire, the next was on her son's friends in heaven. It was a shock when I saw the pictures on there with other children who have gone to heaven. I forgot how I met a wonderful friend and poet, Kaye Des'Ormeaux. Kaye's poems are so inspiring and truly written from her heart. She has a very special gift. I have used many of Kay's poems, and she has also written poems just for Heidi. Her poems are on Heidi's pages. Kaye is a wonderful lady, and a dear friend to me. Many nights we spent talking until the wee hours of the morning. Kaye introduced me to Judi at  "Angel Mom's". She told me that she thought Judi may be able to help me." Angel Mom's is a support group for those Mom's who have lost children. These gals are wonderful and have been a tremendous help to me. It is there where I met Judi Walker. Her son Shane had been murdered, and she was a good friend to me.  It was she who taught me how to build a web page using html. I was terrified! The first page I built was on geocities, and she left me there working with the html codes, and then she left to go have tea! I started to sweat and panic. When she came back, I was so glad, because I just didn't know what to do next! She got me through, and I built my first page using html.  Then I started working hard. I then joined a group called "Forever Mom's".  This is also a support group for Mom's who have lost their children. These gals have helped me more than I can even tell you! And that's where I met Rose Mary...She has been an inspiration to me. Her graphics and help are wonderful. She has picked me up out of my lowest low and brought me back with a smile. When I am really down, she sends me a present for Heidi...She knows that always makes me talk and she brings me back out of my low depression again. In my search for graphics, I ran into another  wonderful poet ..her name is Francine Pucillo. I first wrote her to ask her for permission to use one of her poems on Heidi's site, and she responded by sending me poems that she wrote for Heidi. They are such beautiful poems, and they are all on Heidi's pages. Francine has a gift beyond mention. Not that long ago, we were writing back and forth, and she offered to have a web page made for Heidi from Bev at Moon and Back. I use Bev's graphics all of the time, as you will notice on Heidi's pages, because I think that she is the best graphic artist ever. The page that she made for Heidi is so beautiful, as you have seen. I thank Bev and I thank Francine for having the page made for Heidi. Francine has become a dear friend of mine.  I have made many friends here... too many to mention, and I would like to thank them all for their support, gifts, and friendship.   I don't have pictures of these wonderful friends of mine, but I do have a picture of my dearest friend of all...and that's Rose Mary...And I am dedicating this page to her, and all of the other people that I have mentioned here. Please visit their sites by clicking on their gifts on Heidi's gifts page. 


 This is my dearest friend Rose Mary. And because without her, I don't think that I could have made it through many of my darkest days...I dedicate this page to her. She has been my angel here on earth.

Rose Mary...Thank you so much for all of the help and everything you have done for me. You are one of my dearest friends, and I cannot tell you how very much I appreciate your kindness and friendship. Without you, there are days that I don't think I could have made it. Thanks also for the beautiful page and all the graphics you have made for Heidi and I. They are so special to me, and so very beautiful. Rose Mary made Heidi's site index page, and many graphics displayed on Heidi's pages.

Thank you Kaye for all the beautiful poems that you have written and let me use on Heidi's pages, and also for the beautiful poems you wrote just for Heidi and I. You are a special friend.

Thanks Judi for your friendship and helping me to learn the html needed for Heidi's web site.

Thank you Julane for your help when I first got on the internet after Heidi went to heaven. You have been such a help to me.

Francine, thanks so very much for the permission to use many of your beautiful poems on Heidi's site, and for writing such beautiful poems just for Heidi. I will treasure them always. You have a true gift, and have been so nice to me. I also thank you Francine for asking Bev at Moon and Back graphics to make a special anniversary page for my Heidi. You have been a real friend.

Thank you Bev from Moon and Back graphics for all the wonderful graphics and pages that I have used for Heidi's website. And thank you especially for the special pages you have created just for Heidi. I think you are the best graphic artist that I have seen.

Thank you to all of my friends at "Forever Mom's"  and "Angel Moms" for all of your support and friendship. I love you all, and thank you for getting me through a lot of terrible days. I know that those days will never end, and I know that you are all there for me. And ((GG))...Thanks for always making me smile.

Thank you Anita from Star Shine Graphics, for being my true friend, and making Heidi's Forever page for her first year heaven anniversary. You have a true talent.

Thanks to Katia for the beautiful page she made for Heidi, and congratulations on your new baby,  Katia.

I also have to thank Steve for cleaning up my computer all of the time so I am able to make Heidi's web site pages.  Thank you Steve.

I thank everyone that has ever sent me graphics or gifts for Heidi, or written me with kind and sympathetic words. I appreciate each and every one of you.



Thank You for visiting...

Judy & Paul

Heidi's Mom & Dad forever




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