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Wings of Heidi

Autumn winds are blowing,
Love's shadow on the wind
Wings of Heidi in a breeze
Her journey once again

Hearts in life are broken
Words can't seem to mend
Angel whispers in your heart
This love will have no end

Reaching out to touch you
To dry the tears you've wept
She is with you every day
The treasure you have kept

In life your child is with you
There standing near your door
That opens to her universe
With love and so much more

The wind becomes her music
The stars her special glow
Heavens joy is in her eyes
This love that Heidi knows

Like falling leaves of Autumn
That brings to earth a crown
Upon your hearts forever
Her love comes drifting down.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright October 28, 2002







Thank you to my dearest friend Rose Mary for making all of the graphics on this page.


These graphics were made especially for Heidi. Please respect her memory and leave them here.


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