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Place this wreath upon your head 
Your friendship that I share 
Always wrapped around my heart 
The love that's always there 

You mean so very much to me 
With angel wings we fly 
Living on the earth below 
Perhaps were in the sky 

Look upon this blessed love 
With joy within our soul 
Knowing that forever now 
Our friendship makes us whole 

Words to send when you are sad 
Believe me they are there 
Need a hug or special smile 
I send them with a prayer 

Blest by your love every day 
With wings of love I fly 
Forever I am next to you 
With gentle words nearby 

Holding on with all my heart 
So that you always know 
Friendship's gardens grow within 
The heart that life bestows. 

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Šused with permission


The following pages are dedicated to Heidi's friends in Heaven.