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A sister is someone
who's been where you've been,
who knows you
and what you're about...
Someone you know
you can call if you need to
when something's
just not working out.
A sister is someone
who's more than just family
her friendship is one of a kind...
And the closeness you've shared
through life's laughter and tears
is the deepest
that you'll ever find.

I'm lucky to have had a sister like you, Heidi...
I wouldn't have traded our special relationship
for anything in the world.
Nothing is more comfortable
or more reassuring than knowing
that you were always there.
And you made life so enjoyable.
And I know in my heart that you will still always be there.
I will always love you Heidi.
forever, Scott

Forgive me my parting and leaving you thus,
A joyous reunion is waiting for us!
Continue to strive toward your goal and be brave.
Know that my love didn't stop at the grave.
My spirit is with you through good times and bad.
I share all the joys and the sorrows you've had.
Feel my presence within your next breath
And realize there's no distance in death.
Ask for my help and I'll answer your call.
Reach for my hand when you stumble and fall.
Run the last mile with a smile on your face.
My arms will be waiting when you finish the race.
Always remember, my love is right there
In the beat of your heart,
On the wing of your prayer.
I will always love you, Scott.
forever, Heidi

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