Heidi and Princess were best buddies for many years.

 I remember when I brought Princess home for Heidi...She was a surprise.

She was in a little cardboard doll house.

Heidi was so happy with her new friend.

They were inseparable for the whole time till Heidi went to heaven.

 Princess was lost. She didn't know what to make of this..

.her best friend in the world was gone and she just didn't understand.

She stayed in Heidi's bedroom under her bed for nearly 6 whole months.

 Finally inching her way out to watch and see and mostly out of boredom

and disbelief that her Heidi didn't return...

she slowly adopted us as her new friends.

Princess and Sadie (Heidi's other kitty)

were always the first ones to greet us when we would come home from anywhere.

Sometimes I wonder if they still weren't waiting for their Heidi to come through the door.

Sometimes we would see Princess and Sadie staring at Heidi's pictures...

maybe still wondering.

How sad this all has been. Princess was never the same after Heidi left.

She just got along, but she was never really happy again.

You could tell.

She kind of had me take over for Heidi with her great hugs and kisses

 that she would give.

I went for a trip the first of April and Princess stopped eating...

this was too much for her to handle now.

Heidi had left and now me.

When I came home we nursed her back, but I knew that the end was near.

The sparkle that once was in her green eyes was gone...

she was old and tired now.

We continued to nurse her and make her comfortable,

 then the day before Mother's Day she went home to her Heidi.

 I could almost picture Heidi there with her arms ready to scoop Princess up,

while her hands were drying our tears.

They are running and playing again and now Princess knows that Heidi is with her,

and that's all that matters.

 I know that Princess is happy again and even though we miss her terribly,

Heidi is glad to have her friend with her again.

I believe that they are just waiting for all of us to join them.

Even though we are sad...

we are happy for Princess and Heidi to be together again...I just know that they are!

Princess and Heidi in the early stages of their friendship

This picture of Heidi and Princess was taken just before Heidi went to heaven.

Pretty Princess


~ Love Never Ends ~

Together now forever
Two special hearts are gone
Beyond the stars to heaven
While memories linger on

In life the love she offered
Has left my heart and then
Her special little Princess
Joined Heidi's life again

Years of childhood fill me
With memories so deep
The special way she held her
The love I'll always keep

Pictures of her smiling
With all the love she gave
Her and precious Princess
Within my heart now saved

Laughter that would echo
I always seemed to hear
Whenever I saw Princess
That part of Heidi near

Now a tender greeting
Beyond the rainbow's bend
My Heidi and her Princess
Will share their love again.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright May 27, 2002

Read more of her poetry here.

Thank you so very much for this beautiful poem Francine...my dear friend!



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