Our flower of such beauty
Majestic and so rare
Rose of such magnificence
Your velvet can't compare

Tears upon this rose today
So many tears we've cried
Giving it the nourishment
Our Heidi locked inside

Special bloom of life you were
Glow that came from you
Cascading in our souls today
The mist of morning dew 

Smile you wore a special gift
We see it everywhere
The scent of you will linger
Like roses fill the air

Time for us is endless
Each day that you are gone
Still we feel your gentleness
Like roses of the Dawn

The world for us much brighter
When you were by our side
Hear your laughter in the wind
As breezes softly glide

Rose for you this special day
Nourished by our tears
Our child of tender beauty
We thank you for the years

Treasure of remembrances
Life's petals soft with rain
Velvet etched within our souls
Our Heidi shall remain.

~ Francine Pucillo ~






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Thank you to Francine Pucillo  and Bev at Moon and Back for this special anniversary page for Heidi. Thank you from the bottom of our broken hearts.  Francine has been a dear friend to me and has written many of Heidi's poems displayed on her pages.  Her understanding and compassion is felt through her beautiful poetry that she writes. 

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The song is an original composition entitled
Tears On A Rose by composer and performer
Elan Michaels
Please feel free to visit his wonderful site right HERE.
Be sure to hear it all!  It's wonderful.