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This is Heidi with her Sadie. Sadie was less than a year old when Heidi was called to heaven. This picture was taken the summer before Heidi left us. Sadie is such a spunky kitty...Heidi's friends called her the "hyper cat". She has taken to us, and we love her like she was loved by Heidi. We will always take good care of Heidi's kitty's. Sadie sometimes sits and stares at Heidi's picture. At first we thought we were just thinking that, but she still does it, and she sits and stares like she remembers...I think that she does. We have a picture of Heidi as our computer wallpaper, and there is always little paw prints and lick marks all over it.



Heidi would like to have a page for her kitty's, so I am just going to put pictures on here of her kitty's! She loved them with all of her heart, and I am sure that she knows we are taking good care of them.



This is Princess. She is 13 years old. Heidi got her when she was just 8 years old. Heidi loved Princess, and Princess loved Heidi. Until just recently, Princess didn't have much to do with any of us. When Heidi was called to heaven, Princess would not come out from underneath Heidi's bed, in Heidi's bedroom for 6 months. We had to put her food and water and all she needed in there with her. When she started to come out...very gradually...she would stand at the door waiting for Heidi's return. She has now started to love and trust us, and she knows that we love her...as Heidi did. (does)

Since I made this page, Princess has joined her Heidi in heaven. She passed over the day before Mother's Day, 2002. I think that Princess died of a broken heart. Now I can picture her and Heidi romping around heaven having the time of their lives.



This picture of Heidi and Princess was taken just before Heidi was called to heaven.




This is Heidi playing with Princess and Regis (Regis is on top of her)...he is my kitty.




This one is of Heidi and Princess when Heidi was about 10 years old, and Princess was about 2 years old.



This is Sadie now...all grown up. She loves every body. She is so full of love, that you just know that she is Heidi's kitty.


We may as well show you all of our kitty's...since they all live here together with us...all loved and spoiled!



This is Elvis with Sadie. Elvis is a Maine Coone...he is very big (you can see how big he is next to Sadie. Elvis is a very loving kitty. He weighs around 20 pounds, and he loves to be on your lap all of the time. He also likes to give you back massages with his paws.



This is Regis. Regis is very spoiled and very cute (he knows it)! He shows a lot of attitude. (Theadore is in the background)



This is our Theodore. Theodore is an orange Persian. We think that he is a little backward. He didn't know how to meow for the longest time, and he is just a little slow in the things he does. He does make us smile...we love him too.



This is Elvis again...all by himself. He is a truly handsome boy.



This is the crew...as you can see, if Elvis is there, Princess is not, and vise versa. Those two just aren't real good "buddies".





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