The Poems Below were written by a dear friend of mine, Kaye. The first one was written for Heidi.  Thanks Kaye...from the bottom of my broken heart.  Judy

This Child Of Mine

One day that now seems so long ago.
I was given the gift of you.
A precious gift of life from Heaven.
Oh my love had already grew!

Now, I sit and think about the days
Oh the wonderful days back when.
You would rush through the front door
and say Hi Mom, I'm home again.

I think about each photograph of you
Oh you are such a beauty to behold.
I think of the shared dreams of your future.
I watched as each page would unfold.

A beautiful angel & beautiful child.
Oh my hearts aches so much.
If I had known that you'd go away ...
Oh I would have held on to your touch.

Oh, I never dreamed that I would be
a Mom with empty arms this night.
I long to just reach through the Heavens;
Grab hold to you & hold you tight.

I know that I will miss you forever.
And you see that it hurts me so.
I have precious memories of you to cherish.
But, how am I supposed to let you go?

I hold your pictures to my chest,
as the rest of the world sleeps.
And every day since the day you left,
finds me alone again as I weep.

People tell me that you're here with me.
But this I can't seem to understand.
And, even if these words could comfort me,
I still want to hold onto your hand.

If I live to be a hundred years old,
the world will come to realize
That the light of my precious angel
lives on forever in my eyes.

Oh Heidi, hear the sorrow of my heart.
Look through the skies this night.
Take my hand & lead me to understand
Let me feel you holding me tight.

Oh Heidi, you were treasured by all of your friends.
And loved by everyone that you knew.
I know when they ring those golden bells in Heaven,
I'll be watching & looking for you.

You may not be here to reflect your glow
Through me ... it will forever shine!
And your memory will live for all eternity.
In the eyes of this child of mine!

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2001
Dedicated to Judy
in Memory of Heidi



My Mom Doesn't Know I'm Watching Her 


My Mom doesn't know I'm watching her 
but I'm watching her just the same. 
And I hear each tear fall on her face 
at the very mention of my name. 

She says it sounds like music to her ears 
and can be heard over a crowd. 
Oh, I hear each tear fall on her face 
when my name is said aloud.

I watch her stumble through each day 
as she wishes the day would end. 
And I hear each tear fall on her face 
as she talks of me to her friends.

But there are few who truly understand. 
Oh this I've heard her proclaim. 
And I hear each tear fall on her face. 
Will my Mom ever be the same? 

I know that her smiles light up a sky. 
But I don't see that smile today. 
Oh, but I hear each tear fall on her face. 
Her blue skies have turned to gray.

Oh I send to her my warmest hug 
with the rays of the morning sun. 
Then, I won't hear a tear fall on her face. 
For I shall erase them one by one.

Yes, my Mom doesn't know I'm watching her. 
But I'm watching her just the same. 
And if I hear a tear fall on her face 
I'll just softly whisper her name!

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 2001
All Rights Reserved.






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